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August 8th is our wedding anniversary.

The August 8th that we wed was a warm and muggy day in Cedar Rapids, IA. I donned a lovely white dress with a lace cape. Dennis wore a gray-brown suit. The site was a small chapel associated with a friend’s Presbyterian church. The officiant was then-Coe College chaplain, Dr. David Hay. My attendants were friends, Karen and Gail, with friend, Cathy, playing the flute for the processional and recessional. Dennis’ attendants were his younger brother, Rick, and friend, Mike. My older brother, Donald, walked me down the aisle since my father had already passed to the next plane of existence.

us kissing


We quickly tired of all the post-ceremony pictures:

wedding pic


The August 8ths that we spent together as husband and wife were celebrated with special dinners and time together.

When he proposed, Dennis said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me… and that is what he did. Dennis joined my father in the next plane of existence when he was only 44, leaving his work and me behind. Interestingly, both Dennis and my father died during the month of March.

For most of the August 8ths since he has been gone, I have spent the time alone and missing him.

By August 8th, 2015, though, things had changed. Thanks to a big gaming weekend with former gaming group friends and their sons at the end of June 2015, I suddenly realized that I had the products, the tools and, hopefully, the talent, and could bring Dennis’ work to role-playing gamers around the world.

This August 8th,  I am running a company that is publishing his work for him. The company, ParDen Us Gaming, a division of Parizek Development, LLC, has been live for about 8 months now.

edited_1464880425099me with paranormality



As I’ve mentioned previously, Dennis completed development and play testing of EVERYVERSE RPG before he passed from cancer metastasis. The EVERYVERSE RPG basic rules manual is available now (pictured above). The first supplement, EVERYVERSE RPG Paranormality, (also pictured above) will be available soon. The second supplement, EVERYVERSE RPG High-Tech Equipment, is in production now. With the help of friends, EVERYVERSE RPG debuted at Space City Comic Con here in Houston back in May. In mid-September, it will be played at Hawaii Con. The online gaming community has been very supportive as well. Creative Play and Podcast Network, The Other Side Blog, IGC (Independent Game Community) and #rpgnet have featured EVERYVERSE RPG. Encounter Role-Play will be featuring our rules during play on August 14th.


I am feeling good about honoring Dennis and our life together in this way. Our dream of publishing his work is being realized!

Game on,


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