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On December 8th, 2015, ParDen Us Gaming launched EVERYVERSE RPG, bringing the basic rules manual to the market.

It’s been an incredible year!

After a successful kickstarter campaign, two products have been produced, the basic rules manual and the Paranormality supplement:

2 books w peopleedited_1464880425099me with paranormality

Kickstarter backers have received their copies and these books are for sale online at DriveThruRPG (PDF and print formats) and (eBooks). See below for links to special prices to celebrate our anniversary!

Three more products are coming in 2017 — Future History is in layout. High-Tech Equipment is in review/update and an adventure module is in development. I hope to do more that just the one adventure as well.


I have had some amazing help in getting the books produced and marketed, for which I am extremely grateful…


the guys

Pictured above are the guys in our gaming group. Left to right are Duane Hartse and Rich Seiler (Senior Playtesters) and Jim Poland (Chief Play Officer).


Chief Play Officer, Jim, and his sons, Josh (seated) and Jared, flew and drove into Houston to help me with Space City Comic Con in May. Jim, Josh and Jared developed the adventure that was played at the con to demo EVERYVERSE RPG.

gemma and vix

My neighbor, Gemma Cornish, offered to help market the system and became Chief Marketing Officer. She is pictured above with Assistant Marketing Director, Vixen. Gemma is also pictured below as the dragon at Space City Comic Con.

Sueapril the fairy

My friend, Sue White, volunteered to help at the con. Friend, April Barrios, volunteered to help at Space City Comic Con dressed as the fairy from the cover of the basic rules manual.

Of course, I cannot forget Chief Barking Officer, Heathcliff, soul guide and teacher…

Best pic of Heathcliff2

Many thanks to the artists — Rizky Nugraha and Javier Chaverria — for the beautiful cover art for the books and to Brandon Perkins for the character and soul sheet designs. Also, many thanks to Meredith and Pauline at DriveThruRPG and Kristine Hanson for book layouts.

Also, many thanks to these folks for helping get the word out, via podcast, chat, blog and con, about EVERYVERSE RPG:

Jim Spring of Creative Play and Podcast Network (CPPN)

Will Jones and the gang at Encounter RolePlay

Dan Davenport of #rpgnet

Tim Brannan of The Other Side blog

(to read or listen to any of the above, see the right side bar for links)

John and Allis Harris who ran the gaming at Space City Comic Con

Jeremy Wilson and friends at Hawaii Con.


Here are some Space City Comic Con pics:

me talking to custstalking to custsgemma the dragonSeverian Fred Karla Matt


Here is the ad that appeared in the gaming program at Hawaii Con:

hawaiicon ad


The most recent development is getting the basic rules manual and the Paranormality supplement in the friendly local game shops (FLGS) here in Houston. So far, we are on the shelves of Third Planet, Nan’s Games and Comics Too and GeekLife. I am so excited!! This is a pic of the display at Third Planet:

3rd planet display


The best part of this journey is finally fulfilling the unspoken promise of bringing his gaming system to the gaming community that I made to Dennis when he passed to the next plane of existence. Secondly, I have enjoyed meeting all of the people in the gaming community and reconnecting with something I enjoyed immensely. I had not done any gaming after my husband, the author, passed then Jim, CPO, called for a gaming reunion back in June 2015. After that session, I realized I had the tools to finally get Dennis’ work published.

I am hoping we can do more conventions in 2017 and get in more FLGS.


In honor of our 1st anniversary, I am offering 20% off PDF and print formats. Use these special links to purchase from DriveThruRPG:


EVERYVERSE RPG Softcover Manual

EVERYVERSE RPG Hardcover Manual


EVERYVERSE RPG Paranormality Softcover Manual

EVERYVERSE RPG Paranormality Hardcover Manual


If you would prefer an eBook, I am offering 20% off the eBooks as well. Use these links to purchase from lulu:


EVERYVERSE RPG Paranormality eBook

These special links will be good from now through Christmas.


It has been an incredible year and I am hoping 2017 will be even better. Again, my thanks to all for the help in realizing this dream!!

Game On,



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