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If you had told me 36 years ago when I first started role-playing that, in 2017, I would be a widow and publishing my late husband’s role-playing game in his honor, I would have told you that you were CRAZY…

Yet, here I am.

The basic rules manual, EVERYVERSE RPG, and the first of three supplements, EVERYVERSE RPG Paranormality, have been published. Players are using the system all around the world.

2 books w people

The second supplement, EVERYVERSE RPG Future History, is in content layout and the cover art is now complete (Finally!) so it should be out within the month of March, 2017. The fourth supplement, EVERYVERSE RPG High Tech Equipment, is in content proofing and the artwork (both internal and external) is nearly complete. The Hawaii Guild of Games group is helping with adventure development and play testing.


I was first introduced to role-playing gaming when I met my late husband, Dennis, in college.He played DnD and/or Traveller with his younger brother and with college friends. I didn’t get it. How could that be fun? His mother even asked me the question often on concerned minds — “Does that gaming have to do with demons?” I smiled and responded that it was fiction and characters usually fight demons. That there was nothing in the rule books for actually summoning evil beings. She appeared comforted.

I found out “how that could be fun” after we got married.

formal wedding


I am a Star Wars fan and really loved episode six, Return of the Jedi. I wanted to be a part of that adventure. So, Dennis, who was already working on the basis of what is now EVERYVERSE RPG, developed an adventure so I could play Jedi… every Tuesday evening. Then, I got it! Not only was the adventure fun, it helped build my critical thinking and problem solving skills.

After college, Dennis continued to develop his system and to play with a couple of college friends, now-Chief Play Officer, Jim, and now-Senior Play tester, Duane. Now-Senior Play tester, Rich, joined their group later. I recall they played on Monday evenings but I didn’t play. That was my tv night, at least, that was what I said. I think I was too shy being the only “girl” playing with “the guys.”  Thankfully, I got over that! After my favorite Monday show was cancelled, I decided to join “the guys.” Our group had grand adventures as Dennis worked out the rules. My favorite adventure was a long one called The Gift. It started out in one of Dennis’ favorite settings, that of the movie Highlander, and we peeled back layers of mythology on the Universe. All of our characters are now Guardians. (See EVERYVERSE RPG Future History for a definition of Guardians)


the guys l to r — Duane, Rich and Jim

Even after we moved from Iowa to Missouri then to Texas, we continued to meet with our group whenever we went back to Cedar Rapids for a visit. Dennis would come up with an adventure for each trip and the rest of us would play. On our last trip to Cedar Rapids before Dennis passed, he couldn’t come up with an adventure for us to play. I knew then it was serious, that he would likely not make another trip to see our long-time friends or family.

Dennis passed due to cancer metastasis, leaving me feeling like half of my soul had been ripped out and wishing I could tap into the unrealized potential in the gaming system he left behind. Though grieving, I wanted to do something with his work but had no idea how to proceed.

Flash forward to March, 2015, when a notice that I had been added to the Facebook group, Universe Savers Anonymous, by Jim showed up in my newsfeed. Say what?! Yes, that was what we jokingly called ourselves, a name I hadn’t heard in quite some time, but what was going on? I IM’d Jim, who said that his middle son had suggested a gaming reunion for the end of June and this was the prep group. We would be using Dennis’ rules base. I was in. Nine guys, including second generation players, and I played 19 hours that weekend.

9 guys and me resized

After returning home from that marathon gaming weekend, it hit me — there was still a market for tabletop RPG. I did a little research to confirm. I had the time to devote to production since I had been laid off from my corporate job. I had learned the tools to market it from my experiences in online network marketing. Go time!! For the last 1.5 years, I have been producing Dennis’ work, which brings me great joy.

I guess you could say that I am the mother of EVERYVERSE RPG.  I had the privilege of watching it be developed and play testing out the rough edges. Now, it is my honor to bring it to the gaming community.

To read more about the system, click on the related posts below. 5 Ways EVERYVERSE RPG is the COMPLETE Role-playing Game links to posts on game mechanics.



Hope you will join us in playing this excellent system!!

Keep gaming,




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